Who Is DE Passive Fund best For?

DE Passive Fund is suited for investors wanting to enter the Crypto Assets market, or an already experienced investor wanting a managed product, who do not want the responsibility and risk involved with holding large amounts of assets in a Ether Wallet or Trezor.  

This fund is designed for investors with a long-term horizon of one to five years. 

Minimum investment of $5,000 US, with expected returns of 4 times investor Capital or more.

This is a moderate risk investment as the assets are diversified between Industry sectors as well as regions and asset class sectors.

DE Passive Fund Strategy.

The Passive Strategy was developed thru Technical Analysis . 

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DE ICO Fund is best suited for .

DE ICO Fund is best suited for experienced investors who have an appetite for risk and better than average returns.

This Fund is designed for investors with a long-term horizon of three Tens.

Minimum investment of $100,000 US with expected returns of 5 times investor capital or more annually .

DE ICO FUND Strategy.

This Fund is an actively managed venture fund.

This Fund uses both fundamental and Technical Analysis with a bottom up approach.

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This product is for investors who will like to invest in Cryptocurrency or ICOs but have their own basket of assets, but will like DE Asset Management to manage their assets.

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