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DE has been executing Venture Capital Investments and strategic partnerships since 2013.

DE Is a early adopter  in the Crypto Industry, Thereby making it a leader in the regions it serve  North America, The Caribbean, Middle East, UK, East and Southeast Asia.

Our investments were in Infobeing ,  FuelDapp, Hada DBank, Valorem Foundation, Elpis Investments , Uberstate and Paymon.

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Our Success to Date

Hada DBank is now trading at $15 on F1

Hada DBank has now sold more than 10 million Hadacoins.

A strategic partnership was established by DE Asset Management Limited, Hada DBank and Crypto Exchange F1 Cryptos to list Hada DBank as a publicly traded company.

Valorem Foundation has already reserved 21,744,285 VLR Tokens.

Paymon has now raised $438,693 USD.

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DE Asset Management Limited Invests $500,000 Into Hada DBank To Secure Strategic Partnership

   Mar  10, 2018 at 13:34 // News    Author
Bitcoin PR Buzz    

Pioneering Islamic digital bank – Hada DBank has announced  that it has forged a strategic business partnership with leading  investment company DE Asset Management Limited.

DE Asset Management Limited is known for its prior partnerships with  various successful investment vehicles and has plans to create its own  cryptocurrency fund through the world’s first Islamic digital bank. A  sizable Investment of $500,000 was made by DE through Hada DBank’s  current token presale. 

The partnership follows a history   DE Asset Management Limited Venture  Capital Investments and strategic partnerships in North America,  Caribbean, Middle East, UK, East and Southeast Asia for over 5 years. 

Since its inception in 2010, DE, known originally as Darrell Emmanuel  Asset Management, made their name investing In the emerging market of  green energy and then followed its success theirs by moving into the  employment sector and more recently healthcare. In 2017, DE decided to  focus on the Crypto Industry and have now invested in a number of ICOs. 

Darrell Emmanuel

Darrell Emmanuel is the president of   DE Asset Management Limited  and had nothing but good things to say about Hada DBank. He believes  that it is a very promising project, with a highly ambitious team and  great working ethics overall. He also personally believes in this  project and foresees that the company will soar in value in the near  future. The relationship between DE and Hada DBank is best described as  symbiotic and the best way for both to benefit is to grow together.  Darrell stated that DE will continue to support Hada DBank in the long  run, and this is proven by our decision to procure Hada DBank coins. 

Mohd Al-Shazanous

Mohd Al-Shazanous, CEO of   Hada DBank  was also contacted and when questioned he offered his opinion on the  partnership. Mohd stated that Hada DBank is very pleased with everything  as it stands and looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership  with DE Asset Management Limited. Mohd has whole-hearted offered his  thanks to the support of the partnership from advisors, strategic  business partners and investors. He has stated that he thinks the  partnership between HadaDbank and DE Asset Management Limited will  greatly benefit the Industry, as It will the two parties. 

About Hada DBank

Hada DBank is aiming to achieve nothing less than a revolutionary  influence on the decentralized banking Industry, as it integrates  blockchain technology with Islamic Banking Module. Hada DBank has  identified the hurdles that clients face within the current banking  landscape and have a carefully planned vision for a better alternative. 

Hada Dbank is focused on what it calls ‘Ethical Banking”. This means  that they believe that the benefit of the clients should be the focal  point of any banks ethical and business ideals, rather than the ruthless  profiteering for a bank's own ends. 

Hada Dbank  has opted to try and take a more caring & personal approach, to the  way they do business, and they believe that this mantra should seem  through into its corporate culture, product, and services. Hada DBank’s  Pre-ICO is currently live, with an ongoing flash sale for the 1st one  million tokens going up for sale at 1ETH = 4,000 HADACoin. 

Our Success

Strategic Partnership with Hada DBank

More than 10 million Hadacoins Sold, The Pre - ICO is Live

Valorem Foundation

More than 12 million VLR Tokens reserved, the Pre - ICO is  Live .

DE Asset Management

Get ready for the launch of the DE Fund  in 2018, a Venture Capital Crypto Fund.

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