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We helped 22 ICO's Raise 54,888,246 USD.

Our limited partners have access to $1.8B in capital.

We are early adopters of the blockchain and crypto industry and Canadian leaders in the Crypto Asset space. Our clients include the only blockchain-based bonds, Africa’s largest blockchain-bank and Africa’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchange. We helped raise $54,888,246 USD since August 2017 for our ICOs. We invested in the following ICO’s:

Infobeing, Fueldapp, Hada Dbank, Elpis Investments, Valorem Foundation, Paymon, Uberstate, On.live, Hands, Kakushin, Ingot Coin Travelit, Tip Blockchain, Algo-Chain , Natmin, Medicohealth, Plentix, Heartbit, Tupper, ULTI coin, BtcEX, Coinware and Mobu.

Investment Opportunities and Research

Latest Research

Prasaga Building a $68Bn Data Economy
Prasaga Building a $68Bn Data Economy

Prasaga – What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and Why is it Big? There are 23 billion devices on the planet that make up the “Internet of Things”: Everyday devices connected to the internet including but not limited to smartphones, sensors, refrigerators and factories. By 2020, there will be 31 billion IoT devices. By 2025, there will be 75.4…

Biggest Indian Blockchain Job Marketplace: Pearllancer
Biggest Indian Blockchain Job Marketplace: Pearllancer

“Pearllancer” is one of the premier blockchain based freelancing portals, based on a blockchain system called Hyperledger fabric. Freelancing on Pearllancer will allow for low fees, and high availability of the service. The freelancing market occupies 35% of the U.S. Workforce. With blockchain, the identity of each party will be included in a freelancing job transaction. This will help keep…

New Investment Product: MOBU
New Investment Product: MOBU

Mobu (© 2019 Mobu) Mobu is a building Africa’s largest blockchain bank. Mobu is a Smart Investment Bank for the African Market. The Problem Entrepreneurs are limited in their ability to launch a compliant and legal Security Token Offering (STO). Entrepreneurs: Regulatory, legal and technical nightmare launching a compliant STO #1 problem for entrepreneurs is capital raising Legal process can…

DE’s Investment Contains the First Blockchain-based Bond
DE’s Investment Contains the First Blockchain-based Bond

BitBond The First Blockchain Token-Based Bonds We are excited to announce that the first Blockchain Token-Based Bonds are now an investment product on our DE Private Accounts. Click here to learn more. We are working with the first global lending platform for small business loans that legally qualifies as a bond. In short, it is the first “bond on a…

Coinware Hybrid Exchange On Track To Become Africa’s Largest Crypto Exchange
Coinware Hybrid Exchange On Track To Become Africa’s Largest Crypto Exchange

Ghana’s Coinware Hybrid Exchange – Executive Summary Coinware plans to spread the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by helping people exchange cryptocurrencies with a world-class cryptocurrency exchange. Coinware is doing this with a cryptocurrency exchange that features robust security,  a user-friendly design and a system that can process over 10 million transactions per second. Coinware will also build education products for…

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Finally, a safe way to invest in crypto-assets. These are our products.

Investment Strategy for 2019

asset-backed tokens DE Asset Management Limited Blockchain Venture Capital

Our VC firm has asset-backed tokens (or stablecoins) are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the effects of price volatility. As a valuable part of our portfolio, they are tokenized versions of tangible assets that lower-risk investors can work with. Our portfolio has valuable assets (precious metal, real estate, storage space or organic commodities) and have tokenized it. This provides a quicker path to true value, cuts off brokers, gives you access to an international investment pool, allows for divisibility, and gives you governance options.

Canadian Blockchain Assets DE Asset Management Limited Blockchain Venture Capital






DE Asset Management is a leading Canadian VC company, and we have built special investment products for this part of our portfolio. Contact us for details on how we work with Canadian ventures.

Our investors want to see African and Carribean nations prosper, and we support projects that aim to solve problems in these regions.

The team at DE Asset Management have helped a global audience of investors get united with the forefront of innovative investment opportunities. Our team members include certified securities professionals and blockchain experts.

Certifications: Certificate Canadian Investment Funds Course,Investment Funds Institute Of Canada 2009, Certificate Life Insurance, London Life Insurance Company, 2016, Certificate Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Canadian Securities Institute

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